SANWA STRENGTHS– 1 – In-mold Labelling –

We have developed our own molding technology and we are proud of strong support we have internationally for control panels of home electronics.

Operation panels for washing machines, rice cookers, microwave ovens etc. have become more stylish and functional. Through our in-house developed molding technology and shape combinations, we produce panels that are world standard. Injection molding is one that is combined of processes such as pressing mold and screen printing. We make operation panels for most of domestic consumer electronics makers.
SANWA group is responsible for making your life comfortable through film insert molding of consumer electronics panels.

SANWA STRENGTHS– 2 – Vapor deposition / Sputtering –

Latest technology is necessary in design and making precise car emblems.

Emblems make cars look elegant. We make these marks from the design properties, acrylic molding, screen printing to painting through processes such as vapor deposition and sputtering. One of our many strengths is being able to mass produce through a combination of a number of technologies. In particular, emblems require a lot of details in order to achieve their shapes. All this can be met through elaborate meetings between our skilled engineers and our clients from the early stages of mold design. With our state-of-the-art equipment and our advanced technical know-how, we are able to manufacture and deliver world class technology to our clients.

SANWA STRENGTHS– 3 – Painting and Laser Processing –

Good final product is made possible because of our in-house processed materials and our technological know-how.

We manufacture products such as switch knobs and interior panels for safety and comfortable drive. Everything is done in-house from the stage of molding materials, painting, laser cutting, inspection and delivery. In addition, we also undertake complex painting used in car interiors. Paints such as piano black and metallic paint, and we have received high praise from many clients. We’ve been able to do this due to our strict quality control management and years of experience. All processes are done in-house from beginning to the final product and has earned us trust from not only domestic but overseas automakers as well.

SANWA STRENGTHS– 4 – Transparent Resin Decorative –

Products made under strict conditions require technology and detailed production management in order to guarantee quality of the final product.

Our transparent resin molding technology has been utilized on the display units called shift indicator used in the vehicle interior. This molding process requires high level of strictness to ensure no contamination of the resin occurs. Not even a slightest trivial failure is allowed to the surface portion. For such products, we rely on our technology and strict quality management developed through years of expertise to manufacture quality products. We support safe vehicle operation through state-of-the-art decoration of the shift indicators though transparent resin, screen printing, injection molding, painting, using the process such as laser processing.