Corporate History

1979 May
Split from Hara Nameplate Factory to became Screen Printing Company with a capital of 1 million Yen and 5 members of staff
1980 May
Saori Plant newly installed Thomson Machining began production.
Began making automotive panels and roller stamp printing technology.
Increase in capital by 4 million Yen.
1982 Apr.
Construction for new Saori plant expansion.
1983 Feb.
Printing Plant Expansion.
Opened the new clean room for product quality to meet user requirements.
New Shizuoka Plant began production with 10 employees.
1984 Jan.
Acquired Patent rights 1068900 ['Asahi' hot stamp].
Increase capital to 10 million Yen. The then president became the President and CEO of Hara Nameplate Factory
1985 May
Installed Laser Cutting machinery and began making acrylic nameplates.
Established the Sanwa Silk Printing Co. Ltd., and began painting and molding processing.
1987 Mar.
Installed automatic punching press equipment as a cost-cutting measure.
New head office building completed with new offices and inspection center.
20 million Yen capital increase.
1990 Nov.
Completed construction of Headquarters’ South Building.
1993 Oct.
Sanwa Silk Printing Co Ltd changed its name to Sanwa Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
1994 Jun.
Started Injection molding following the film insert molding panel.
Established Malaysia (SANWA SCREEN (M) SDN.BHD.)
1997 Aug.
Began Cylinder Press to increase printing capacity and cut cost.
2002 Jan.
Established Thailand factory (S.A PRECISION CO., LTD).
Opened Kanto area office in Chiba prefecture.
Yujin Engineering Co joined Sanwa Group Ltd.
2003 Aug.
Shizuoka plant expansion and relocate to Fujieda.
Increase capital to 30 million Yen.
Established China factory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
2004 Mar.
Aichi Brand companies certified (certification number 011).
ISO9001 Certification (Registration number: JSAQ1957).
Increase capital to 42 million Yen.
2005 Jan.
Moved Yujin Engineering Co., Ltd., to Kamagaya, Chiba Prefecture.
ISO14001 Certification (Registration number: JSAE1081).
Built new plant in Mino.
Osaka sales offices opened.
2007 Jul.
Opened Chicago branch, USA (SANWA SCREEN USA Corp.)
Expanded Mino plant
2010 Apr.
Relocated Osaka sales offices to Yawata, Kyoto Prefecture.
Sanwa Plastic Industrial Co. was renamed Plastic Advanced (purabansu) Co. Ltd
2011 May.
Sanwa Screen CO., LTD. Second Factory completed, operations started.
2012 Feb.
Established Indonesia Plant (PT SANWA SCREEN INDONESIA)
2014 Apr.
Change of management. Mr. Tsutomu Goto became the chairman and Mr. Eiichiro Goto appointed as the president and CEO.
Established Mexico Plant (SANWA SCREEN MEXICO S.A.DEC.V.)
Yujin Engineering Co. was taken over and became the Chiba plant.
2015 Jun.
Sanwa Screen CO., LTD. Third Factory completed, operations started.
2016 Jan.
Hara Nameplate CO., LTD. Kanto Factory completed, operations started.