Quality Policy

We will achieve customer satisfaction by constantly developing and creating products tailored to our customers’ needs and constructing and continuously improving of our production system which obtain the trust of our customer and is pursue the rationality of.
October 1st, 2014
Eiichiro Goto, President

Environmental Policy

We aim to contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry through:
1. Manufacture of Name Plates, Display Panels and Decoration parts for Electric Appliances and Automobiles and Gas Appliances.
2. Manufacture of Knobs, Dials and Related Parts Thereof for Automobiles.

On the above business activities, our environmental policy is defined to aid all of our employees in recognizing the importance of environmental protection, promote environmental impact reduction activities, and actively contribute to community initiatives.
We will cooperate with the local community while striving to preserve and protect the environment by complying with environmental laws, regulations, and other related requirements.
By considering the environmental impact of our business activities, we will do a periodic review of environmental objectives that encourage continuous improvement.
We will strive to reduce environmental impact and protect against pollution by doing the following:
i) Reduce resource and energy consumption.
ii) Reduce waste and ensure proper waste management.
iii) Curtail the production of defective products.
Through strategic employee education and training, we will strive to disseminate environmental policy and raise awareness of environmental protection.

This environmental policy is available to the public.
March 23rd, 2017
Eiichiro Goto, President