Continuing our founders’ entrepreneurial mind …
By making new surprises with a new decorative technology.

Our company ideology is “Company exists because of human existence”. Companies exist because of the employees’ existence. All of the employees work with a great sense of responsibility and as a result we collectively contribute to the society. This slogan has been SANWA GROUP’s backbone and has not changed since its foundation by Mr. Tsotomu Goto, our founding chairperson. At that time, the company manufactured name plates for automatic vending machines. It’s important for businesses to have “continuity” and “prosperity”. I believe that our technology in emblem making is a bridge between the new technologies and prosperity of our clients. Everytime we develop a new product, it’s a chance to make a contribution to society. We, at SANWA GROUP, will always practice our founders’ corporate ideals and strive to contribute to society.


  • We combine our in-house developed decorative technologies and production processes in order to meet our clients’ needs in car emblems, automotive parts and control panels displays for home electronics.


  • So as to expand and reach the global market, SANWA has six locations in Japan and factories in USA, Mexico, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    SANWA Group Offices

  • From the time its founding, SANWA began screen printing and developed to Thomson, press and molding processes. All processes and productions are wholly undertaken in-house through a combination of our developed technologies.

    SANWA Group holdings process